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Navigating the Bars Beyond the Cage Episode

“I was no legitimate threat to public safety [but] five minutes after I gave birth…US Marshals handcuffed and shackled [my legs] to the bed. I didn’t know when I was going to physically touch, smell, feel my son again.”

I had the opportunity to join the November 10, 2020 episode of the Podcast – Kitchen Table Talks: Navigating the Bars Beyond the Cage and share my story and thoughts on the importance of centering the lives and plight and Black women and girls, mental health, self worth, reentry for women after incarceration and many other things.

Navigating the Bars Beyond the Cage Artwork Source: Suffrage. Race. Power. Unerased Website

Episode Summary:
The threads that weave the human story of mass incarceration of women are complex, often tangled in a legacy of abuse and injustice behind and beyond the prison walls. The tropes and caricatures are so different from the limitations confronting men. They follow formerly incarcerated women into the “free world” as they confront intractable barriers to economic and civic engagement that defy the notion of “returning citizens.” This episode, voiced by women with lived experiences inside the cage, explores needs beyond the profoundly broken and unsustainable system. 

Listen to the episode: Navigating the Bars Beyond the Cage

About the Podcast – Kitchen Table Talks
Our 30-minute audio adventure opens conversations mostly shared among friends and tribe in safe space comfort. Like the kitchen table talks women enjoy over coffee or a meal, the Unerased podcast series will explore sensibilities to stoke our electoral energy and strength.